Step into this sanctuary, with me. For this is a place of honest cascades. Here is my daily heartbeat of struggle. Where thought meets expression and brokenness finds redemption. And failure remembers hope again. 

Inside, I am a schism. Sin and darkness against truth and light. I’m battling to stay on firm ground. I’m screwed up and afraid and selfish. But this is a prayer to become holy. For stronger faith in the Lord. And for a life and mind that – everyday – chooses to believe in the blood of the Lamb who was Slain, Jesus, and seeks the face of God, my spirit calling Abba and crying out for the Holy Spirit to fill me. God’s way is what satisfies my hungry, black hole of a heart. It never was filled up before, when I leaned on myself. Now my cup overflows. 

Here, I’ll take off my mask in the hopes that you’ll remove yours too. For I firmly believe that God does not want us to struggle inside closets. He came to rescue us so we might be all the more transparent in our pain. It is through our deep fears, shaking hands, and quavering voices that he meets us. He won’t turn away those searching for answers, ready to seek him with all their hearts.